The Alpine Conference

The Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France 13-16 September 1999

In Memory of Regitze R. Vold

International Programme Committee 


Hanz W. Spiess (Mainz), Chairman

Robin K.Harris (Durham)

Malcom H.Levitt (Stockholm)

Monday 13th September 1999

8:30am-12:00 Session I (J. S. Waugh, Chair)

Solid-State NMR: Structural and Dynamical Investigations
B. H. Meier, M. Ernst, M. Tomaselli, J. van Beek, D. Knecht, M. Nijman, A. Verhoeven and R. Verel

Rotational Resonance: Homonuclear Recoupling in a Four-13C Spin System
S. Dusold, H. Maisel and A. Sebald

Faster MAS
A. Samoson and T. Tuherm

Heteronuclear Chemical Shift Correlation in Solid-State NMR by Through-Bond Multiple-Quantum Spectroscopy
Anne Lesage, Dimitris Sakellariou, Patrick Charmont, Stefan Steuernagel and Lyndon Emsley

Double Frequency Sweeps in Static, MAS and MQMAS NMR
D. Iuga and A.P.M. Kentgens

Multiple-Quantum Spin Counting and Filtration with Fast MAS
Axel Heindrichs, Helen Geen and Jeremy Titman

2:30pm-6:00 Session II (M.H. Levitt, Chair)

31P CSA Recoupling in Lipids
Dror E. Warschawski, Ludovic Berthelot and Philippe F. Devaux

Structure Determination of Membrane-Associated Amyloid-beta-Peptide Using Novel High Resolution Solid State NMR
Gerhard Groebner, Clemens Glaubitz and Anthony Watts

31P-NMR Spectroscopy of a Single Crystal of the Protein Complex p21(ras):GppNHp
Michael Stumber, Matthias Geyer and Ulrich Haeberlen

Investigation of Cellulose Ultrastructure Using 13C CP-MAS and Spin Diffusion Experiments
Laurent Heux

On the Roles of Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy in Structural Studies of Proteins
Stanley J. Opella

Tuesday 14th September


8:30am-12:00 Session III (H. W. Spiess, Chair)

Recoupling by Helical Pulse Sequences in Magic Angle Spinning NMR
Andreas Brinkmann, Mattias Edén and Malcolm H. Levitt

Structure, Mobility, and Interface Characterization of Self-Organized Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials by Solid-State NMR
Susan M. De Paul, Josef W. Zwanziger, Ralph Ulrich, Ulrich Wiesner and Hans W. Spiess

13C/15N MAS NMR Spectroscopy on Oriented Membrane Proteins: Structural Information from CSA Tensor Orientation and MAS Recoupling Experiments
C. Glaubitz, G. Groebner, J. Mason, I. Burnett and A. Watts

19F as a Structural Reporter in Biological Membranes
Anne S. Ulrich, Stephan L. Grage, Sergii Afonin

Solid State NMR Study of Polymorphism and Nonclassical Phase Transformation in 3MeDNB.
Asher Schmidt, Shifra Kababya, Michael Appel, Mark Botoshansky, Soliman Khatib, and Yoav Eichen.

1H Double-Quantum MAS NMR Spectroscopy: An Investigation of Aromatic Pi Packing Effects and Hydrogen Bonding
Steven P. Brown, Ingo Schnell, Hans Wolfgang Spiess



6:00pm-7:00 Session IV (H. W. Spiess, Chair)

Special External Lecture

The Limits of Crystallography and Electron Microscopy to Elucidate Structure and Mechanisms of Biopolymers
Hartmut Michel,
Max-Planck-Institut für Biophysik, Frankfurt, Germany

Wednesday 15th September


8:30am-12:00 Session V (L. Emsley, Chair)

Dipolar Order Under Fast Magic-Angle Spinning
T. Charpentier, F. Dzheparov, J.-F. Jacquinot and J. Virlet.

Use of the “Beta” Sine-Correlation Technique to Measure Weak Dipolar Interactions in Ordered Soft Condensed Matter
P.T. Callaghan and E.T. Samulski

Extensions to the FIREMAT Experiment
D. W. Alderman, Jian Zhi Hu and David M. Grant

Spin Decoupling in Solid-State NMR
Matthias Ernst and Beat H. Meier

Multiple-Pulse NMR Spectroscopy: Methodology and Applications
N.C. Nielsen, M. Hohwy, T.S. Untidt, M. Bak, F.H.Larsen, J.T. Rasmussen and H.J. Jakobsen



2:30pm-6:00 Session VI (S. Caldarelli, Chair)

Solid-State NMR Studies of Local Structure and Dynamics in Ionic Conductors, Battery Materials and Oxyflourides
Clare P. Grey, Young Joo Lee, Francis Wang and Lin Shu Du

New Kind of Structure Information From Resolved Single-Crystal Proton-NMR Spectra
Christoph Meinel, Herbert Zimmermann and Ulrich Haeberlen

6Li and 7Li Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Nitrogen Ceramic Phase
P. Kempgens, M.J. Leach, R.K. Harris and D.P. Thompson

High Resolution 17-O NMR Investigations of Oxides
Lucy M. Bull, Ray Dupree, Ago Samoson and Joachim Sauer

71Ga NMR of Reference GaIV, GaV, and GaVI Compounds by MAS and QPASS, Extension of Ga/Al NMR Parameters Correlation
D. Massiot, T. Vosegaard, N. Magneron, D. Trumeau, V. Montouillout, P. Berthet, T. Loizeau and B. Bujoli

Organic Molecules at Siliceous Interfaces
B.F. Chmelka

Thursday 16th September


8:30am-12:00 Session VII (R. K. Harris, Chair)

Quadrupolar Nuclei to Probe Local Order and Disorder
J.-P. Amoureux and M. Pruski

7Li NMR in LixCoO2 : Making Use of The Hyperfine Interactions with Electron Spins
M. Menetrier, I. Saadoune, S. Levasseur and C. Delmas

NMR Evidence of Alkali Ordering Around Bridging and Non-Bridging Oxygen in an Alkali Silicate Glass
P. J. Grandinetti, P. Florian, T. M. Clark, K. E. Vermillion and J. F. Stebbins

Study of Reorientational Dynamics in Binary Glass Formers by Means of 2H-2D-NMR
P. Medick, M. Vogel and E. Roessler

Fragile and Strong MMA-Imide Copolymers: A Solid-State 13C NMR Investigation
B.Bordes, F.Laupretre, L.Monnerie

Centerband-Only Detection of Exchange and Other Tensor Correlation NMR Techniques for Elucidating Polymer Structure and Dynamics
K. Schmidt-Rohr, E. R. de Azevedo, H. Kaji, M. G. Dunbar, T. J. Bonagamba, W. Hu and D. J. Harris