Info for presenters

Round table presentations

What to bring?

  • a few (max. 5) prepared slides
  • computer/tablet
  • HDMI adapter to connect the computer to the video projector
  • optional: a clicker and/or a pointing device


  • pitch talk ~3 minutes (if you over-run a lot you take away from valuable discussion)
  • discussion ~12 minutes
  • changeover ~5 minutes

Who is going to see my presentation?

People who have indicated that they would like to see your presentation. Up to 12 people per session. If there was a lot of demand for your presentation you may present more than one session.

Who is going to lead the discussion following the talk?

One of the listeners will be assigned the role of the moderator of the discussion. Assignments of the moderators will be available together with the round table schedules after logging into the Participant Area during the conference.

Will there be any breaks?

Round table sessions will be run in two blocks of 5 and 4 sessions with a 30-minute coffee break in between the blocks and 5 minutes breaks between each session to allow for a changeover. In addition, in the algorithm, which we used to generate the individual round table programs, we made a provision to insert occasional breaks without assigning you to a specific presentation.



For your round table presentation, which replaces the traditional poster presentation, you should prepare a short flash (max. 3 minutes; small number of slides) presentation of your topic. Your pitch talk and prepared slides will provide the basis for a discussion with a small group of people (up to 12 people). One of the listeners should act as a moderator leading the discussion. The entire round table session including a pitch talk and the following discussion should last up to 15 minutes so there is a few minutes in between the round table sessions allowing for a changeover.

Video projectors will be provided by the conference. Presenters should bring their own computers and HDMI adapters to connect their computers to the projectors.

Everyone will be able to view their round table program (both the sessions presented and participated in) in the Participant Area during the conference. You will also find information on whether you were selected as a moderator for some presentations. The programs are based on the preferences submitted by the participants and created using an algorithm aiming to maximize listeners’ “happiness” but also adding some variety and breaks.


Oral presentations

Invited talks

Talk duration: 25 minutes

Follow-up discussion: 15 minutes

Promoted talks

Talk duration: 15 minutes

Follow-up discussion: 10 minutes

You can choose either to use your own computer or a computer provided by the conference for your presentation. There will be two conference computers:

  • a Windows-based PC equipped with the latest version of PowerPoint and Acrobat Reader
  • a Mac equipped with the latest versions of PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, and Keynote

If you choose to use one of the conference computers, you will be asked to put your presentation on either the PC or the Mac during the registration procedure on Sunday evening or Monday morning (30 minutes before your session at the latest), and test it for compatibility. Remeber to bring your presentation on an USB memory stick. If you anticipate compatibility problems, please feel free to send us any appropriate test slides. The native resolution of the video projector is 1900 x 1200, corresponding to an aspect ratio 16:10. Slides with aspect ratio 16:9 and 4:3 can be used. VGA and HDMI inputs are available.

Alternatively you can use your own computer for projection. If you decide to use your own computer make sure to bring also an appropriate adapter to connect it to the projector (HDMI or VGA cables will be available).