The 7th Alpine Conference

The 7th Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR

Anatole AbragamIn Memory of Anatole Abragam

International Programme Committee

Mei Hong (Ames)

Dominique Massiot (Orleans)

Geoffrey Bodenhausen (Paris, Lausanne – chairman)

Monday 12th September 2011


8:30am-12:00 Session I (Mey Hong, Chair)

Solid-State NMR Investigations Of Aggregates Formed By Perdeuterated Alzheimer’s Disease Aβ Peptides
Bernd Reif

A Spinning Magnet For Magic Angle Field Spinning
Dimitrios Sakellariou

Reactions And Structures In Self-Assembled Alzheimer’s Beta-Amyloid And Graphene-Related Carbon Materials
Yoshitaka Ishii

Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation Of Biomolecular Systems
Hartmut Oschkinat

NMR Crystallography In An Enzyme Active Site: The Indoline Quinonoid Intermediate In Tryptophan Synthase
Leonard Mueller

Linking Structure To Properties; From Basic Polyolefins To Advanced Functional Materials
Arno Kentgens


2:30pm-3:50 Session II (Tatyana Polenova, chair)

Recoupling Of Heteronuclear Dipolar Interaction Using Non-Adiabatic, Low-Amplitude rf Fields: Theory And Applications To A Spin-1/2 Paired With Any Non-Integer Spin
Amir Goldbourt

New Techniques And Applications In Solid State NMR Of Proteins
Robert Tycko

Tuesday 13th September


8:30am-12:00 Session III (Geoffrey Bodenhausen, chair)

The Role of Conformational Dynamics In Structural Plasticity of HIV-1 CA Protein Assemblies As Probed By MAS NMR Spectroscopy
Tatyana Polenova

Structure Determinations Of Molecularly Ordered Layered Silicates Lacking Long-Range 3D Crystallinity
Sylvian Cadars

Simulating Spin Diffusion In Reduced Liouville Spaces For Powder NMR Crystallography
Meghan E. Halse

Improved 2H rf Pulse Performance And 2H-13C Cross Polarization Using Optimal Control Methods
Morten Bjerring

NMR Of Sedimented Solutes: On The Ridge Between Solution And Solid State
Enrico Ravera

Characterizing The Dynamical Heterogeneity Of Bacterial Peptidoglycan By WR-PDLF Symmetry Sequence
Axel Gansmüller


6:00pm-7:30 Session IV (Geoffrey Bodenhausen, chair)

Conformational Exchange Processes In Membrane Proteins And Enzymes By Solid State NMR
Ann E. McDermott


Special External Lecture

Light, Metal and Molecules
Thomas Ebbesen

Wednesday 14th September


8:30am-12:00 Session V (Dominique Massiot, chair)

Recent Advances In 14N Solid-State NMR
Robert Schurko

Automated Protein Structure Determination By Solid-State NMR
Kathrin Szèkely

Solid-State NMR Of The Ionothermally-Prepared 17O-Enriched Aluminophosphate Siz-4
Sharon Ashbrook

High-Resolution Structural Model For The Study Of Organic-Inorganic Interface
Jerry C. C. Chan

Hetero-Nuclear Decoupling In Alpocj2: Dramatic Increase Of Resolution At Moderate MAS Frequency And Magnetic Field
Charlotte Martineau

Biophysical Insight Into The Functional Mechanism Of Membrane Proteins By Solid-State NMR And cwDNP
Clemens Glaubitz


2:30pm-4:00 Session VI (G. Bodenhausen, chair)

Symmetry Pathways For Separating Shelding/Paramagnetic Shifts And Quadrupolar Anisotropies
Philip Grandinetti

Faster Analysis Of Fully Coupled Spin Networks : A Sample Spatial Encoding Approach And Its Application To Enantiomeric Discrimination In Chiral Liquid Crystals
Nicolas Giraud

Fast And Ultra-Fast MAS 13C-13C Correlations Applied To Biological Systems
Jean Paul Amoureux

Thursday 17th September


8:30am-12:00 Session VII (Sophia Hayes, chair)

Structural Investigation Of Nanosized Carbonated Hydroxyapatites : Strengths Of Solid State NMR
Florence Babonneau

Broadband Excitation And Indirect Detection Of Nitrogen-14 In Rotating Solids Using Delays Alternating With Nutation (DANTE)
Veronika Vitzthum

Studying Slow Conformational Dynamics In Proteins: Dipolar Vs Non-Recouled Codex
Alexey Krushelnitsky

Demystifying Heteronuclear Decoupling In The Solid State
Paul Hodgkinson

Structural Studies Of Paramagnetic Metalorganic Complexes By Solid State NMR
Jens Dittmer

Challenges in DNP
Geoffrey Bodenhausen