The 2019 Alpine Conference

The 2019 Alpine Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Solids

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France 15-19 September 2019

Scientific Committee


Lucio Frydman (Weizmann Institute)

Arno Kentgens (Radboud University)

Tatyana Polenova (University of Delaware)

Monday 16th September 2019



8:30am-10:25 Session 1 (chair: Jurgen Senker)

Brad Chmelka: Quantitative scaling analyses of DNP polarization transfer across dissimilar interfaces

Tuo Wang: Elucidating the functional structure of complex carbohydrates in plant biomass and fungal pathogens using DNP solid-state NMR

Quentin Chappuis: Dynamic Nuclear Polarization breaking out of the spin diffusion barrier

Caitlin Quinn: Pushing the sensitivity boundaries in magic angle spinning NMR of challenging biological assemblies with the new triple-resonance biosolids cryoprobe



10:55-12:30 Session 2 (chair: Sophia Hayes)

Vladimir K. Michaelis: Mixed–cation halide double perovskite materials for bandgap engineering: decoding atomic–level structure at 21.1 T

Jacqueline Tognetti: Polarization optimized relaxation measurements at 100 kHz spinning

Gregory Boebinger: A personal perspective on the future of magnetic resonance in ultrahigh magnetic fields




2:30pm-6:00 Round Tables Mon

Tuesday 17th September 2019


8:30am-10:00 Session 3 – Prize Session (chair: Lucio Frydman)

Vold Prize Lecture

Melanie Rosay: Optimization of sample irradiation and opportunities for low power DNP at 263 GHz

Caldarelli Prize Lecture

Aaron Rossini: New approaches for DNP-enhanced solid-state NMR of inorganic surfaces and bulk materials


10:30am-12:40 Session 4 (chair: Lucio Frydman)

Alexej Jerschow: Nondestructive MRI/NMR detection of critical electrochemical device parameters

Henrike Heise: Shedding light on the disorder: a sensitive look into protein folding with hyperpolarized solid-state NMR

Maria Makrinich: Direct and hydrogen-detected relaxation time measurements of “invisible” quadrupolar spins by solid-state NMR under magic angle spinning

Bernd Reif: Proton-detected MAS solid-state NMR experiments applied to biological samples



6:00pm-19:30 Perspectives Session (chair: Arno Kentgens)

Brad Chmelka: NMR for materials science

Ann McDermott: NMR as a dynamical probe: conformational dynamics in biological systems

Alexej Jerschow: Reciprocity

Thomas Prisner: The importance of flexibility of biomolecules

Anne Lesage: Resolution in biomolecular MAS-DNP

Wednesday 18th September 2019


8:30am-10:25 Session 5 (chair: Amir Goldbourt)

Thomas Prisner
Conformational dynamics of nucleic acid molecules probed by EPR

Ago Samoson

Galia Debelouchina
A molecular view of protein phase separation with MASNMR and DNP (targeted DNP discussed instead)

Cesar Leroy
Heteronuclear dipolar recoupling for DNP enhanced quadrupolar NMR spectroscopy


10:55am-12:30 Session 6 (chair: Anja Böckmann)

Antoine Loquet
Atomic resolution structure determination of a prion amyloid fibril by 1H-detected ultra-fast MAS solid-state NMR

Axel Kretschmer
Solid state NMR in industrial applications: characterization of SAPO-34 catalyst and silica

Vipin Agarwal
Novel 1H-1H recoupling approaches in fully protonated solids at very fast magic angle spinning


2:30pm-6:00 Round Tables Wed

Thursday 19th September 2019


Session 7 (chair: Beat Meier)

Ann McDermott
Solid state NMR studies of dynamics and allostery in ion channels

Victoria Aladin
Specific cross-relaxation enhancement by active motions under Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: technique & applications

Frédéric Blanc
Zeolites heterogeneous catalysts caught in the act by (DNP) MAS NMR


Session 8 (chair: Kay Saalwächter)

Natalia Fulik
Solid state NMR spectroscopic studies of ionic liquid – electrode material interaction

Alexander Klein
Increasing dimensionality and information content for challenging systems in 1H detected solid-state NMR

Anne Lesage
DNP enhanced solid-state NMR spectroscopy at high magnetic field and fast MAS