The 5th Alpine Conference

The 5th Alpine Conference on Solid-State NMR

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France 9-13 September 2007

International Programme Committee

B.H. Meier (Zurich), Chairman
Z. Luz (Rehovot)
P.J. Grandinetti (Leipzig)

Monday 10th September 2007


8:30am-12:00 Session I (B.H. Meier, Chair)

Some Thoughts on Cryogenic NMR
Malcolm H. Levitt

Protein Structure Determination by MAS Solid-State NMR: Application to Fibrils and Membrane Proteins
Hartmut Oschkinat

Determining Crystal Structures Without Diffraction
Chris Pickard

Characterization of Water-Protein Interactions in Microcrystalline Proteins: the Example of Crh
Anja Böckmann

Adiabatic Pulses, Superadiabatic Pulses, and Single Bands in MAS Solids
Guido Pintacuda

Studies of Membrane Associated Proteins by ssNMR
Ann McDermott


2:30pm-4:30 Session II (A. Pines, Chair)

Long Range Structural Restraints in Spin Labeled Proteins Probed by Solid-State NMR
Christopher P. Jaroniec

The Challenge of Windowed PMLG at Moderate and High Spinning Frequencies
Shimon Vega

Tuesday 11th September


8:30am-12:00 Session III (M.H. Levitt, Chair)

Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy Applied to the Full Length KCSA-KV1.3 Potassium Channel in Lipid Bilayers
Robert Schneider

Homonuclear Third Spin Assisted Recoupling: PAHR
Gaël De Paëpe

New Insights into Sensitivity Enhancement of Quadrupolar Nuclei: the Central Transition Conversion Pulse
Nicole M. Trease

Direct Observation of Nuclear Spin Diffusion in Real Space
Kai W. Eberhardt

New Proton Experiments for the Discrimination of Enantiomers in Chiral Liquid Crystal Solvent
Nicolas Giraud

Proton-Detected Nitrogen-14 NMR by Recoupling of Heteronuclear Dipolar Interactions Using Symmetry-Based Sequences
Simone Cavadini


6:00pm-7:30 Session IV (P.J. Grandinetti, Chair)

Oxide Glass Structure and Melt Properties: Insights from High-Resolution 17O NMR
Jonathan Stebbins


Special External Lecture

Voyages Dans Les Alpes – From De Saussure to Modern Alpine Geology
Helmut Weissert

Wednesday 12th September


8:30am-12:00 Session V (Z. Luz, Chair)

Sensitivity Enhancement Using Laser Polarization and Detection and Application to Porous Solids, Microfluidics, and Sensors
A. Pines

NMR Investigation of Hydrogen Storage Material
Arno Kentgens

Towards Identification of Multinuclear Molecular Motifs in Crystalline and Amorphous Inorganic Solids Using Unresolved Scalar J-Couplings
Dominique Massiot

Characterizing Electrocatalysts and Electrocatalysis: 13C and 195Pt NMR Studies of PEM Fuel Cell Materials
Jeffrey Reimer

Probing the Structure of Bone: Understanding the Organic-Mineral and Drug Molecule Interactions
Melinda J. Duer

Mechanical Detection of Electron-Spin and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Force Gradient Approaches and Nanofabrication Advances
John A. Marohn


2:30pm-4:00 Session VI (J.F. Stebbins, Chair)

Rotating Micro-Coils in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Dimitris Sakellariou

CSA Amplification: Spectral Assignments and Molecular Dynamics via Shift Anisotropies
Jeremy Titman

Local Environment in Defect and Stoichiometric Jarosite Studied by 2H NMR from 50 K to 300 K
Ulla Gro Nielsen

Thursday 13th September


8:30am-12:00 Session VII (S. Caldarelli, Chair)

Strategies for High-Resolution NMR Spectroscopy using Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
Walter Köckenberger

Order and Disorder in Self-Assembled Silicate Frameworks: Local Structures and Dynamics Probed by Dipolar and Scalar Couplings
Sylvian Cadars

Exploiting First-Principles Calculations and High-Resolution NMR for Structural Studies of High-Pressure Silicates
Sharon E. Ashbrook

MAS Spin Echoes: Small J Couplings and Residual Dipolar Couplings
Steven P. Brown

Resolution Enhancement by Exploiting Differential Line Broadening in 15N Spectra of Oriented Membrane Proteins with Significant Orientational Disorder
Thomas Vosegaard

Solid-State NMR Studies of the Structure and Dynamics of Membrane Bound RAS Proteins
Daniel Huster