The 2023 Alpine Conference

The 2023 Alpine Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Solids

Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France 10-14 September 2023

Scientific Committee

David Bryce (University of Ottawa)

Sabine Hediger (CNRS, CEA Grenoble)

Matthias Ernst (ETH Zürich)

Sunday 10th September 2023

9:00-12:30 Tutorial sessions on inorganic and organic topics

Monday 11th September 2023



08:30-10:25 Session 1 (chair: David Bryce)

Markus Weingarth: The mechanisms of lipid-targeting antibiotics

Nicole L. Kelly: CLASSIC NMR spectroscopy to investigate the ADOR process

Ayan Maity: Extending polarization across interfaces: A molecular ruler for endogenous DNP

Michael A. Hope: Optically enhanced solid-state 1H NMR spectroscopy


10:55-12:30 Session 2 (chair: Rachel Martin)

Kazuyuki Takeda: 14N NMR of magnetically oriented microcrystals

Amir Goldbourt: Atomic-resolution magic-angle spinning NMR
structure of the protein encoded by gene V of fd phage in complex with its full-length viral ssDNA

Gillian R. Goward: Quantification of lithium plating and ion dynamics in lithium ion cells revealed by magnetic resonance

14:30-18:00 pm Round Tables

Tuesday 12th September 2023


08:30-10:00 Session 3 – Prize Session (chair: Matthias Ernst)

Vold Prize Lecture

Rob Schurko: The multifarious roles of protons in ultra-wideline NMR spectroscopy

Caldarelli Prize Lecture

Frederic A Perras: From DNP fundamentals to plastic upcycling and everywhere in between


10:30-12:40 Session 4 (chair: Pierre Florian)

Dominik Kubicki: Local structure and dynamics in emerging tellurium-based optoelectronic materials from high-temperature 125Te MAS NMR at 20 T

Lucia Corti: Diffusion pathways in oxide ion conductors from 17O and 71Ga variable temperature MAS NMR

Enrica BordignonDynamics of the prepore-to-pore transition of a Tc toxin


18:00-19:30 Perspectives Session (chair: Aaron Rossini)

Higher NMR fields for solids: utopia or dystopia?

Panelists: Lynette Cegelski (Stanford University), Anne Lesage (CRMN Lyon), Arno Kentgens (Radboud University), Rob Schurko (Florida State University, MagLab)

Wednesday 13th September 2023


08:30-10:25 Session 5 (chair: Alexander Barnes)

Yoh Matsuki: Methods and instruments for high-field MAS DNP toward intracellular structural biology

Lama Hamdouna: Unveiling the mechanisms of mechanochemical processes using multinuclear high-field NMR spectroscopy

Nino Wili: Reverse dynamic nuclear polarisation for indirect detection of nuclear spins close to unpaired electrons

Józef R. Lewandowski: Structure of the complex between antibiotic teixobactin and lipid II


10:55-12:30 Session 6 (chair: Anja Böckmann)

Thierry Azaïs: Structural description of CaCO3 prenucleation clusters through 13C MAS-DNP NMR

Murari Soundararajan: Using endohedral 3He to probe superconductivity in the fulleride Rb3C60

Galia Debelouchina: Solid-state NMR spectroscopy of complex biological systems: from gels to cells


14:30-18:00 Round Tables

Thursday 14th September 2023


08:30-10:25 Session 7 (chair: Karen Johnston)

Mattias Edén: Utilizing dipolar-based NMR experiments for probing disordered structures across a sub-nanometer scale

Andreas Meyer: High-resolution 19F Electron Nuclear Double Resonance for structural biology

Evgeny Nimerovsky: New Dipolar Recoupling Methods

Lea Becker: What aromatic residues can tell us about protein dynamics when combining specific labeling and MAS NMR


10:55-12:30 Session 8 (chair: Sabine Hediger)

Thomas Biedenbänder: Serial polarization transfer by combination of cross-relaxation and rotational resonance under dynamic nuclear polarization

Christian Bonhomme: 35.2 T: The key to high-resolution 17O solid state NMR

Melinda J. DuerNMR insights into the molecular structures of tissues in health and disease