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2019 Alpine Conference

The 2019 Alpine Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Solids will take place in Chamonix Mont-Blanc (France) from the 15th to the 19th September 2019.

2019 Invited Speakers

We are happy to announce that the following speakers have already accepted to participate: Vipin Argawal, Greg Boebinger, Brad Chmelka, Alexej Jerschow, Anne Lesage, Ann McDermott, Thomas Prisner, Bernd Reif, Melanie Rosay.

2019 ed. Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee for the 2019 edition will be composed of Lucio Frydman, Arno Kentgens and Tatyana Polenova.


Welcome to our Round-Tables!

As a new feature of the Alpine Conference, poster sessions will be replaced with round-table sessions dedicated to discussions on key themes selected from the abstracts submitted to our Scientific Committee. Each of you will have the opportunity to present your piece of work to a selected audience! Before the conference starts, every participant will be asked to vote for the abstracts that they would like to learn about, and the scientific program of these sessions will be built from their choice.
 The conference will start from 4 pm on Sunday 10th September, with registration, followed by a dinner for all the participants at 7 pm.
 The scientific talks will start on Monday morning at 8:30 am.
 The last session will finish at 12:30 pm on Thursday 14th September
Conference Program
 The main program of the conference will consist of plenary lectures and contributed communications, with two round table sessions.

 The detailed program will not be available before the conference starts. The following is an alphabetical list of speakers and titles for the talks at the meeting:
Sharon Ashbrook
Exploiting Isotopic Enrichment in NMR Spectroscopy of Microporous Materials
Christian Bonhomme
DNP and spin diffusion in hydroxyapatite: modeling and application to natural abundance 43Ca DNP MAS experiments
Björn Corzilius
Novel mechanisms of polarization propagation under MAS DNP
David Gajan
Three-Dimensional Structure Determination of Organometallic Catalysts by DNP Enhanced Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy
Diego Gauto
Structure and functional dynamics of a half-megadalton enzyme assembly from solid-state NMR
Gil Goobes
Regulation of skeletal material formation in corals – from functional proteins to whole organism
Clare P. Grey
Recent Developments in the use of NMR, MRI and PFG Methods to Study Batteries and Supercapacitors
Johannes Hellwagner
Understanding and Counteracting Pulse Transients in Solid-State NMR
Arno P.M. Kentgens
Micro NMR Methodology and its application in Catalyst Characterization
Alexey Krushelnitsky
Slow motions and spin dynamics in 15N R1rho experiments under MAS: capabilities, limits and pitfalls
Danielle Laurencin
Mechanosynthesis: a unique opportunity for 17O solid state NMR
Michal Leskes
Probing bulk materials properties and the electrode-electrolyte interface with exogenous and endogenous MAS-DNP
Józef R. Lewandowski
Integrated structural biology of enacyloxin polyketide synthase – contribution of solid state NMR to study dynamically rich protein complexes
Rasmus Linser
Proton-detected solid-state NMR structure of a 29 kDa enzyme-small molecule complex at 110 kHz MAS
Joanna Long
Increasing NMR sensitivity to characterize complex biomolecular systems
Katharina Märker
NMR crystallography of organic molecules: Benefiting from natural isotopic abundance and MAS-DNP
Rachel Martin
Development of a quadruple resonance MAS probe for 2H NMR of extensively deuterated biomolecules
Beat Meier
Plasticity and dynamics of proteins: challenges for and limitations of solid-state NMR
Guido Pintacuda
Biomolecular solid-state NMR at > 100 kHz MAS
Tatyana Polenova
Structure and Dynamics of HIV-1 Capsid Assemblies: Insights from an Integrated Approach
Jeffrey A. Reimer
Solid-State NMR Studies of Metal-Organic Frameworks
Chad M. Rienstra
The Structural Landscape of alpha-Synuclein Fibrils
Zdenek Tosner
New Generation of Optimal Control Experiments for Dipolar Recoupling in Biological Solid-state NMR
Robert Tycko
Biomolecular Solid State NMR and MRI with Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at Very Low Temperatures
Patrick Van Der Wel
Order and disorder in polymorphic disease-associated protein deposits
Scientific Committee
 The scientific committee will be made up of Gaël De Paëpe (Grenoble), Amir Goldbourt (Tel Aviv), Sophia Hayes (St Louis, MO), Christopher Jaroniec (Colombus, OH) and Leonard Mueller (Riverside, CA - chairman).