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2019 Alpine Conference

The 2019 Alpine Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Solids will take place in Chamonix Mont-Blanc (France) from the 15th to the 19th September 2019.

2019 Invited Speakers

We are happy to announce that the following speakers have already accepted to participate: Vipin Agarwal, Greg Boebinger, Brad Chmelka, Alexej Jerschow, Anne Lesage, Ann McDermott, Thomas Prisner, Bernd Reif, Melanie Rosay.

2019 ed. Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee for the 2019 edition will be composed of Lucio Frydman, Arno Kentgens and Tatyana Polenova.

The 4th Alpine Conference on Solid State NMR

Pines' Symposium

 The scientific part of the 4th Alpine Conference on Solid State NMR started on sunday 11th, with a celebration in honour of Alex Pines.
 Confirmed participants in this symposium included some of Alex's senior friends and colleagues: M.V. Berry, B. Blumich, P. Callaghan, J.W. Emsley, J. Fraissard, R. Freeman, W.M. Gelbart, M. Goldman, R.G. Griffin, E.L. Hahn, C. Jameson, R. Kaptein, C.L. Khetrapal, Z. Luz, A. McDermott, G.E. Maciel, B. Maraviglia, M. Mehring, C.P. Slichter, P. Stilbs, J.S. Waugh. H. Wennerstrom, K. Wüthrich, and D. Ziessow.

 Short presentations were given by many of Alex's ex-students and post-docs.


Program of the Pines' Symposium



10:00-12:05am (J.S. Waugh, chair)


Optical Vorticulture

Michael V. Berry

Solid State NMR Nanocrystallography of a Deuterated Protein

Kurt Zilm

Dipolar Effects in Solution NMR

Warren Warren, Gigi Galiana, Rosa Tamara Branca, Louis Bouchard

Novel 2D NMR of Dairy Products and Chocolates

Lauren Burcaw, Martin Hurlimann, Yi-Qiao Song

Measuring Correlated Structure Distributions in Amourphous Solids

Philip Grandinetti

The Xe Chemical Shift in Channels, Cages, and other Nanopores

Cynthia Jameson



1:45-3:10pm (R. Freeman, chair)


A Little About Rheo-NMR, and My Tribute to Alex Pines in His 60th Year

Paul T. Callaghan

NMR Probing Peptide Conformation in Prion Peptides

David Wemmer

Hyperpolarized Xenon and its Potential for Advances in NMR Surface Analysis

Daniel Raftery

Hyperpolarization of 129Xe by Microwave Pumped Overhauser Effect (MOE)

Song-I Han

Amyloid Fibrils, Unfolded Proteins, and Proteins in Membranes

Robert Tycko



3:25-4:50pm (R.G. Griffin, chair)


Multiple Nuclear Spin Correlations and Nuclear Spin-Spin Interactions Mediated via Electron Spins in an S-Bus System

Michael Mehring, Andreas Heidebrecht, Jens Mende

Radiative Equilibration and the Path to Single Molecule NMR

Mark C. Butler, Valerie A. Norton, Daniel P. Weitekamp

The Analytical Side of MAS NMR

Stefano Caldarelli

NMR Investigation of Rheological Phenomena in Liquid Crystals

Claudia Schmidt

NMR Analyses of Molecularly Ordered Inorganic Solids Lacking Long-Range Crystallinity

Brad F. Chmelka



5:30-6:40pm (E.L. Hahn, chair)


High-Resolution NMR Spectroscopy and High-Definition Imaging in Heterogeneous Fields

Boaz Shapira, Assaf Tal and Lucio Frydman

NMR Observation of Dynamics in Metallic Supercooled Liquids and Glasses

Yue Wu and Lilong Li

Solid State NMR Studies of Molecular Recognition at Biomaterial Interfaces

Gary Drobny

Solid Results from Solution NMR

Kurt Wüthrich