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2019 Alpine Conference

The 2019 Alpine Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Solids will take place in Chamonix Mont-Blanc (France) from the 15th to the 19th September 2019.

2019 Invited Speakers

We are happy to announce that the following speakers have already accepted to participate: Vipin Agarwal, Greg Boebinger, Brad Chmelka, Alexej Jerschow, Anne Lesage, Ann McDermott, Thomas Prisner, Bernd Reif, Melanie Rosay.

2019 ed. Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee for the 2019 edition will be composed of Lucio Frydman, Arno Kentgens and Tatyana Polenova.



International Programme Committee


Brad Chmelka (Santa Barbara, CA)

Tatyana Polenova (Newark, DE)

Jeremy Titman (Nottingham, UK)


Program of the 8th Alpine Conference


Monday 9th September 2013


8:30am-12:00 Session I (Stefano Caldarelli, Chair)


Solid-state NMR of Sub-Milligramm Amounts of Protein Using 100 kHz MAS

Beat Meier


Solid State NMR of Small Molecules Encapsulated in Nano-Cavities: H2@C70 and H2O@C60

Salvatore Mamone


NMR Studies of Bacteriophage Viruses - Capsid Structure, DNA, and Their Interface

Amir Goldbourt


Proton-Detected Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of Fully Protonated Proteins under Ultrafast Magic-Angle-Spinning

Andrew J. Pell


The Role of Phosphate and Water in Tuning ACC Metastability - From Stabilization to Crystallization Via a Nano-Scale Solid-Solid Phase Separation: A Molecular NMR View

Asher Schmidt


Atomic Resolution Structures of Amyloid Fibrils

Robert G. Griffin



2:30pm-3:50 Session II (Jeremy J. Titman, chair)


Achieving Large Absolute Sensitivity For Solid-State NMR With Dynamic Nuclear Polarization: Matrix-Free Samples and Ultra-Low Temperatures.

Gaël De Paëpe


High Throughput Computation For Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Chris Pickard



Tuesday 10th September


8:30am-12:00 Session III (Tatyana Polenova, chair)


Population Transfer (PT) HMQC For 1/2 To Quadrupolar Spin Correlations At Increased Speed

Julien Trebosc


Diffraction and NMR Crystallographies: High-resolution Structure Characterization of Layered Aluminophosphates.

Charlotte Martineau


Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhanced Natural Abundance 17O Spectroscopy

Frédéric Blanc


Quadrupole-Resonance MAS NMR Spectroscopy for Structural Biology

Umit Akbey


DNP Solid-State NMR For Micro-Particulate Solids and Pharmaceutical Formulations

Aaron Rossini


Studying Functionally Relevant Motion In the Solid State: New Methods and Application To a Protein Interacting With An Entire Cell Wall

Paul Schanda


6:00pm-7:30 Session IV (Bradley F. Chmelka, chair)


Photo-induced Nuclear Spin Dynamics in GaAs

Jeffrey A. Reimer


Special External Lecture

Biomineralization Pathways: From the Environment, Through the Cell, To the Deposition Site

Steve Weiner



Wednesday 11th September


8:30am-12:00 Session V (Sabine Hediger, chair)


Structural Investigation of Proteins in Complex Environments by Improved Solid-State NMR Methods

Mei Hong


Revisiting Zero-Field NMR Spectroscopy

Tito Jose Bonagamba


High-Resolution 33S (I = 3/2) MAS NMR at Natural Abundance (0.76%): Is It Possible and How Much Further Can One Go ?

Stephen Wimperis


Instrumentation Development For 2H NMR of Semisolid Samples and Oriented Liquids

Rachel Martin


NMR of Batteries and Challenges - The Li2Ru(y)Sn(1-y)O3 Family of Cathode Materials

Elodie Salager


A Portable Permanent-Magnet Analyzer For High-Resolution 1H MAS NMR Spectroscopy

Dimitrios Sakellariou



2:30pm-4:00 Session VI (L. Emsley, chair)


NMR Studies At the Interface of Cellular and Structural Biology

Marc Baldus


Graphene-Based Electrodes for Li-Ion and Li-Air Batteries Studied by Natural Abundance 13C CPMG-MAS NMR

Gillian Goward


NMR Crystallography in an Enzyme Active Site: Incorporating Restraints from 13C and 15N Chemical Shift Tensor Measurements and 17O Quadrupole Central Transition NMR Spectroscopy

Leonard J. Mueller



Thursday 12th September


8:30am-12:00 Session VII (Anne Lesage, chair)


Strong Coupling Effects on Single Nuclear Spins in Diamond

Dieter Suter


Just How Important is Solid State NMR for the Characterization of Helical Membrane Proteins in their Native-Like Environment ?

Timothy A. Cross


Structure, Dynamics and Interfaces in Polymer Composite Materials

Ulrich Scheler


J Coupling Between Magnetically Equivalent Quadrupoles and Other Secrets Revealed with DOR NMR

David Bryce


Characterization of Mesoporous Catalysts by Conventional and DNP-Enhanced Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Marek Pruski


Following Function in Real Time: New NMR and MRI Methods for Studying Structure and Dynamics in Fuel Cells and Supercapacitors

Clare P. Grey