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2019 Alpine Conference

The 2019 Alpine Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Solids will take place in Chamonix Mont-Blanc (France) from the 15th to the 19th September 2019.

2019 Invited Speakers

We are happy to announce that the following speakers have already accepted to participate: Vipin Agarwal, Greg Boebinger, Brad Chmelka, Alexej Jerschow, Anne Lesage, Ann McDermott, Thomas Prisner, Bernd Reif, Melanie Rosay.

2019 ed. Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee for the 2019 edition will be composed of Lucio Frydman, Arno Kentgens and Tatyana Polenova.



International Programme Committee


Lucio Frydman (Rehovot), Chairman

Robert Tycko (Bethesda)

Dieter Michel (Leipzig)


Program of the 3rd Alpine Conference


Monday 15th September 2003


8:30am-12:00 Session I (R. Tycko, Chair)


Amyloid and Membrane Protein Structure Determination with Dipolar Recoupling and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

C.P. Jaroniec, V. Ladizhansky, M. Rosay, V. Bajaj, M.K. Hornstein, M. McMahon, R.J. Temkin, and R. G. Griffin


Improving MQMAS Resolution and Sensitivity

Z. Gan


Merging Concepts From Solid-State and Solution-State NMR Investigations of Supramolecular Systems

I. Schnell, A. Rapp, I. Fischbach, D. Sebastiani, H. W. Spiess


Symmetry-Based Recoupling Sequences: Some Techniques and Applications

M. Carravetta, O. G. Johannessen, N. Ivchenko, W. C. Lai, X. Zhao, J. van Beek, M. Verhoeven, S. Kiihne, H. J. M. de Groot, J. Lugtenburg, P.H. M. Bovee-Geurts, W. J. de Grip, P.-E. Kristiansen, J. Schmedt auf der Günne, A. Böckmann, M. Levitt


Heteronuclear Correlations Involving Quadrupolar Nuclei, A Through Bond Approach Using J-Couplings

D. Massiot, F.Fayon, B.Alonso, V.Montouillout, C.Fernandez, C.Morais, J.Rocha


13C-13C Distance Geometry in Uniformly 13C-Labeled Molecules by Solid NMR

K. Takegoshi



2:30pm-4:10 Session II (J.S. Waugh, Chair)


Special External Lecture

Quantum Information with Atoms and Photons in a Cavity

S. Haroche, Collège de France


Laser-assisted NMR

D. Suter



Tuesday 16th September


8:30am-12:00 Session III (L. Frydman, Chair)


New Schemes for Heteronuclear Decoupling in Solid-State NMR: Transverse Dephasing Optimised Spectroscopy

G. De Paëpe, P. Hodgkinson, B. Elena, N. Giraud, A. Böckmann, A. Lesage, and L. Emsley

Structural and Dynamical Changes of the Bindin B18 Peptide Upon Binding to Lipid Membranes Revealed by Solid-State NMR

P. Barré, O. Zschörnig, and D. Huster

Structural Constraints for Inorganic Polymers from Double-Quantum NMR

J. Schmedt auf der Günne, W. Hoffbauer, P. Krieger, J. Beck

Determination of Orientation-Strain Relationships of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) Using Solid-State NMR

M. E. Wendlandt, J. D. van Beek, B. H. Meier, T. Tervoort and U. W. Suter

14N and 31P MAS NMR: New Tools to Study Electrostatic Association of Proteins at Charged Membrane Surfaces

F. Lindström, M. Bokvist, G. Gröbner

NMR in Rotating Magnetic Fields: Magic Angle Field Spinning

D. Sakellariou, C. A. Meriles, R. W. Martin, A. Moule, M. Goldman and A. Pines


6:00pm-7:20 Session IV (S. Vega, Chair)


The Solid-State MAS-NMR Structure of the 62-Residue A-Spectrin SH3 Domain and the Potential of NMR for the Investigation of Membrane Proteins

F. Castellani, B. van Rossum, A. Diehl, K. Rehbein, C. Weise, F. Hucho, L. Krabben, J. Pauli, M. Baldus, A. van Gammeren, J. Hollander, H. J. M. de Groot and H. Oschkinat

Using Quadrupolar Couplings to Measure Two-Dimensional Distance-Angle Distributions in Amorphous Solids

P. J. Grandinetti, T. M. Clark, P. Florian, J. F. Stebbins, J. L. Yarger




Wednesday 17th September


8:30am-12:00 Session V (K. Zilm, Chair)


NMR Methods to Study Molecular Structure and Protein Folding in the Solid State

O. Andronesi, B. Angerstein, A. Böckmann, M. Etzkorn, R. Grisshammer, H. Heise, C.A. Hughes, A., Lange, S. Luca, K. Seidel, L. Sonnenberg and M. Baldus

11B NMR Studies on Dodecaborate Clusters

I. Tiritiris, T. Schleid and Klaus Mueller

Determination of CSA Tensors in Isotropic Solution Through Cross-Correlated Relaxation Effects

F. Cisnetti, P. Pelupessy, K. Loth and G. Bodenhausen

1H and 13C MAS NMR Evidence for Pronounced Ligand-Protein Interactions Involving the Ionine Ring of the Retinylidene Chromophore in Rhodopsin

A. F. L. Creemers, S. Kiihne, P. H. M. Bovee-Geurts, W. J. DeGrip, J. Lugtenburg and H. J. M. de Groot

Nanomechanical Laser: Amplification of Mechanical Oscillations by Stimulated NMR Transitions

I. Bargatin and M.L. Roukes

Advances in Sample Spinning Technology

A. Samoson


2:30pm-4:00 Session VI (R. K. Harris, Chair)


Dipolar NMR Strategies for Multispin Systems Involving Quadrupolar Nuclei in Disordered Inorganic Materials

H. Eckert

Investigations of the HET-S Prion Protein Fragment 218-289 by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

A. Siemer, A. Detken, M. Ernst, C. Ritter, R. Riek and B. H. Meier

Probing Order Parameter Distributions in Polymer Networks by Proton Multiple-Quantum NMR

K. Saalwächter, J.-U. Sommer, A. Vidal, B. Haidar, P. Ziegler, O. Spyckerelle



Thursday 18th September


8:30am-12:00 Session VII (D. Michel, Chair)


NMR Studies of Motion and Structure in Disordered Solids: Battery Materials and Ionic Conductors

N. Kim, S. Chaudhuri, N. Dupre, W. Yoon, Y. Paik and C. P. Grey

The Alignment of Smectic A Liquid Crystalline Phases by Magnetic Fields Studied by NMR and X-Ray Methods

J.W. Emsley

Structural and Orientational Constraints on Bacteriorhodopsin in Purple Membranes Determined by Oriented-Sample Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

T. Vosegaard, M. Kamihira, J. A. Mason, S. K. Straus, A. Watts, and N. C. Nielsen

Multinuclear MAS NMR Studies of Perovskite Relaxor Ferroelectrics

D. Zhou, G. L. Hoatson, W. J. Brouwer, and R. L. Vold

Solid-State 19F-NMR of Polypeptides in Oriented Membranes

S. Afonin, P. Wadhwani, U. Dürr, M. Berditchevskaia, R. Glaser, C. Sachse, E. Strandberg, A. S. Ulrich

Let the electrons do the work: NMR in semiconductors

G. Denninger